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Llanon Village Hall and Playing Fields Committee

Pwyllgor Neuadd Bentref a Chaeau Chwarae Llanon

Charity Registration Number 523867.  Registration date 11 July 1966

Governing Document: Declaration of Trust dated 27 September 1965 




  Regular Instructional sessions eg. Judo, Yoga  8 per hour

One -off non profit sessions eg Citizens Advice, Badminton, bowls  10 per hour

Commercial booking or fund raising  12 per hour



NB.      1. For any event where the sale of alcohol is requested, and allowed in the hall, an additional 30 will be charged, on top of the above rates.

            2. For any event where dogs are allowed in the hall, an additional 6 per session will be charged.  

 Contact for hall bookings: email Llanonhall@protonmail.com



 1 Hall users are expected to pay for the hall on the day of hire, or at their earliest convenience thereafter.


2 Hall users are expected to leave the hall as they find it in terms of cleanliness and tidiness


3 Use of a Bar  - The use of a bar in the village hall will be allowed only with the specific agreement of the hall committee. 

Where allowed a bar can be set up in the hall kitchen, providing food is not being prepared and/or served from the kitchen at the same time. Where food is being prepared and/or served from the hall kitchen, any bar must be set up away from the kitchen area.  A bar will not be allowed to set up before 6pm, and will be expected to close by 11.45pm, except in exceptional circumstances, to be agreed in advance.  Charges: An additional 30 will be charged for the use of a bar in the village hall, on top of normal hire charges currently in force.


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